Alison Allen

Alison Allen is an established dressage trainer with over 30 years of experience. Alison began her career as an instructor for junior riders and a trainer for young horses, as she taught both rider and horse the fundamental concepts needed to begin their path to success in the dressage arena. Alison has taught students of all ages and ability levels, ranging from novice junior riders to advanced adult amateurs and professionals. Alison’s students have scored highly in competition rankings from the Midwest Dressage Association and the United States Dressage Federation, winning awards from Training Level through Intermediate I. Alison’s instruction and training has aided several of her students in earning their U.S.D.F. Bronze and Silver medals. 

Alison has owned her current horse, San Marcus, from the age of 6 months old. Alison has trained San Marcus to Grand Prix and earned her U.S.D.F. Gold Medal in 2013. Alison has learned from several Olympic-level trainers, including Tom Dvorak, Jan Ebeling, and Steffen Peters. 

Alison has a considerate, kind, fair and straightforward approach to training horses and instructing students. Alison has a deep love for horses and dressage and is passionate about her work with horses and riders. Alison’s instruction helps the rider to gain a deeper understanding of the horse’s nature and promotes harmony between horse and rider at every level.